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Tiande bamboo hygiene sticks
  • Tiande bamboo hygiene sticks

Tiande bamboo hygiene sticks

Tiande bamboo hygiene sticks

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Hygienic sticks are an object that we will find, probably in every home. How do Tiande sticks differ from all others offered on the market? We have created a product that is 100% consistent with ecological quality standards! Our hygiene sticks are 100% biodegradable because they are created only from natural materials!

No plastic - only cotton and bamboo. If healthy ecology is not an empty phrase for you, you will profess the principle of "healthy" products even in the case of trifles! Bamboo is 100% broken down by microorganisms and can be burned without polluting the environment. In addition, bamboo is a renewable resource. It grows very quickly, needs small amounts of water and does not require any fertilizers. When choosing a bamboo, we talk against excessive wood consumption, and thus - against the forest felling.

Bamboo hygiene sticks - a necessary thing in a beautician, medicine cabinet and on the shelf in the bathroom!

- for hygiene treatments

- for makeup corrections

- for applying medicinal preparations


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