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Tdc anticalulite body ampoules 24pcs*2ml
  • Tdc anticalulite body ampoules 24pcs*2ml
  • Tdc anticalulite body ampoules 24pcs*2ml


A set of 4 2ml ampoules

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A concentrated sterile preparation for use in mesotherapy/electroporation and for treatments using Derma Rollers for Lipolithic properties and cellulite eliminating.


Positive polarization preparation.


The ampoules are intended for people:

• with excess subcutaneous fat,

• excess water in the body,

• beginnings of cellulite,



• Fucus vesiculosus - with cleansing and lipolithic properties. Alga follicular fucidin and laminarin with a stimulating effect of microcirculation, anti -coagulation, circulation and cellular metabolism, and iodine acting into subcutaneous fat through the content of fat -destructive enzyme,


• Coffea Arabica - increases the lipolysis of adipocytes by inhibiting the cyclical activity of phosphodiesterase nucleotide, which is responsible for catalyzing adenosine to AMP. This activates the lipase enzyme and causes fat breakdown. Caffeine is diuretic and allows you to remove excess water from adipocytes,


• Ruscus aculeatus - with an effect improving venous and lymphatic circulation, thanks to the content of ruskogenin - saponin improving the elasticity of the blood vessels and the strength of the muscles surrounding these vessels. It also reduces vessel permeability, acting like vitamin P,


• Paulina Cupana - with lipolithic and diuretic effects. Guarana containing caffeine stimulates lipolysis processes and prevents fat accumulation, thanks to the processes of the hydrolytic decomposition of triglyceride in adipose tissue, leading to the formation of fatty acids and glycerol, which released into the bloodstream, are captured by tissues. In addition, it clears the blood vessels, which are "blocked" by venous and lymphatic stasis and the capillary dilatation, which are the first stage of cellulite, invisible to the naked eye. However, the most important action of Guarana is strong activity against lipogenesis, i.e. the process of fat formation that accumulate inside adipocytes and increases their volume,


• Citrus Dulcis - with lipolithic effect (improves the process of getting rid of fat cells from the body), supporting blood circulation and reducing hypertension.


Indications for surgery using the preparation:

All stages of cellulite.

antycellilit 24X2ML

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