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TDC Vitamin Facial Mesotherapy Ampoules 4x2ml
  • TDC Vitamin Facial Mesotherapy Ampoules 4x2ml

TDC Vitamin Facial Mesotherapy Ampoules 24x2ml

TDC Vitamin Facial Mesotherapy Ampoules 4x2ml

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Intensive nourishing vitamin cocktail


Recommended for skins:

• requiring nutrition,

• dehydrated,

• deprived of shine,

• flabby,

• After intensive exfoliation, when the skin needs vitamins and minerals to rebuild the right protective and lipid barrier.


Serum operation:

• anti -wrinkle,

• tightening,

• moisturizing,

• shallow fine wrinkles,

• reduces sacks under the eyes,

• improves face contour,


Composition of the cosmetic:

• Vegetable DNA - obtained from wheat sprouts with anti -generational, antioxidant, anti -wrinkle and tensioning properties, leaving a protective film on the skin stopping moisture in the skin on the basis of hyaluronic acid. Used in preparations for mature, dry and sensitive leather as well as for smoker skins and after excessive sunbathing,

• Hyaluronic acid - a "sponge" stopping moisture in the skin with high absorption and moisturizing properties, the skin,

• DMAE - a substance found in fish (e.g. sardines) and in small amounts in the human brain acting with a strong tissue tension, stabilizing stabilizing on cell membranes, causing the life of collagen and elastin fibers to extend the life of the fibers of collagen and elastin by preventing the loss of moisture in them. The most visible effect of DMAE is the tension and shallow of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lips, reduction of bags under the eyes and improvement of face contour,

• Koenzyme Q10 - anti -generator, preventing their destructive effect on the skin,

• SOD - Antioxidant enzyme produced by the body up to about 35 years of age, which protects the skin against UVA rays,

• vitamins - A, C, F, B1, B3, B6 and K,

• Prolina and cysteine ​​- sulfur amino acids, which are precursors of collagen and elastin fibers, affecting the consistency of skin fibers,

• minerals - silicon, zinc, copper, iron and magnesium, affecting the level of skin nutrition and its tonus.


The proposed treatment consists in weekly procedures for the first month of treatment, two treatments every two weeks in the second month of treatment and one treatment once a month until the skin condition improves.


Cocktail intended for the procedure:

• needle -free mesotherapy,

• electroporation,

• Utrags,

• Derma Roller treatments with needles up to 0.50 mm,

• galvanization.


During the procedure, thanks to the low -molecular structure, the skin's active ingredients are maximal.



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