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What is the best way to take care of your hands?

What is the best way to take care of your hands?

What is the best way to take care of your hands?

Here are 5 rules that will help you properly care for the skin of your hands.

1. Wash your hands - only when it is really necessary!

Many of us automatically reach for soap after every walk, cleaning or going to the toilet. Very well, but are we aware of what we wash our hands with? For everyday hand hygiene, choose gently oiling products, enriched with vitamins and natural oils or gentle soaps for children.

2. Cream always at hand!

Hand cream is one of the essentials in your purse! Lubricate your hands several times a day, and preferably also after each washing - regardless of our age, air temperature or season of the year.

Modern products contain a number of beneficial substances that support skin care. Vitamin A, Panthenol or allantoin are ingredients that should be included in a good cream, they are regenerating, softening, protecting against external factors, they also smooth the skin and make it more elastic.

3. Protect hand skin in winter and make sure to clean - wear gloves.

Mechanical hand protection is a necessity that should become your natural reflex. For most of us, wearing gloves in winter is obvious, but it seems like an unnecessary whim to wear them to do housework.

Hands, however, need additional protection not only from frost, but also from irritating chemicals and dust. When washing or cleaning the bathroom, remember about special rubber ones. Also remember to protect your hands when you are in the fresh air.

4. Home SPA rituals - in home conditions.
Once a week, find time and give your hands a regenerative treatment at your home SPA. A very important element of the treatment is regular exfoliation of dead skin. It is worth using a mild enzyme peeling, which you will definitely find in our bathroom. This peeling makes the hands smooth and refreshed. Skin prepared in this way is more susceptible to the effects of nutrients contained in skin care products.

After peeling, brush your hands with a slightly thicker layer of cream and let it slowly absorb. If you perform the treatment in the evening, you can apply the cream just before going to bed and put on cotton gloves on your hands. Overnight, the ingredients of the cream will work even more intensively on the beauty of your skin!

5. A healthy diet will help you take care of beautiful hands and nails.

The condition of the hands and nails is positively influenced by a healthy, balanced diet and regular drinking of water - at least 1.5 liters a day. If your body is not properly hydrated from the inside, even the most sophisticated luxury SPA treatments will not bring results.

The secret to proper hand care is regularity. Remember to implement these few rules in your life and allow yourself the luxury of beautiful and well-groomed hands!



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