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Poznaj wesołą i zaskakującą serię CHEESE.

Poznaj wesołą i zaskakującą serię CHEESE.

Spring fun with color and texture.

     Spring is the time when we can replace the dark and sad shades of our nails with something that gives a breath of freshness and freedom.
      I will add nail freedom, that is, choosing a color not according to the dresscode at work, at the university, etc. but what we like and what we feel like at the moment.
        Spring is the only time except holidays, when we can freely create our nails in color.
        We present you pastel shades, cheerful and candy OULAC hybrids from the Cheese series.

     It is 6 candy-iced colors in which are embedded:
· + Different colored freckles
· + Confetti
· + Sequins
· + Sand
     The Cheese collection no longer needs additional decorations, because choosing any color from this collection we already have the color and multi-colored effects and textures.
       The colors will satisfy every customer because we start with:
· Subtle milky white,
Pastel blue
· Delicate peach,
Juicy pink,
Sunny yellow,
· Blue - the color of the sky.

     All these hybrid varnishes already have special compositions of effects sunk and mixed inside the bottle.

        Painting these colors each time we will get a unique final effect of summer stylization.
         By choosing one of the Cheese series colors we add our stylizations:
· + Unique look,
· + Oversized effect,
· + Cheerful,
· + Sweet and sugary nails.

        We hope that thanks to these inspirations you will no longer hesitate to choose one of the shades of the Cheese collection.
        As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities to use the hybrid varnish Cheese series and the effect?
         Each time surprising and spectacular :)



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