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TianDe Charm Face cream "Aquaterapia" face cream gel 50g
  • TianDe Charm Face cream "Aquaterapia" face cream gel 50g

TianDe Charm Face cream "Aquaterapia" face cream gel 50g

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What are the French Alps famous for? From expensive ski resorts, cozy alpine chalets and ... eternal glaciers, many of which are thousands of years old! As the base of the TianDe cream, we used the purest water of d'Argentière glacier and added active ingredients. The result is the perfect cosmetic for extreme moisturizing.

The "Aquaterapia" face cream gel is suitable for ladies of all ages. If your skin looks lifeless, dry and wilted, “quench its thirst” with glacier water! You will notice a significant change! Say goodbye to the feeling of tightness and dryness - thanks to the glacier water and other active ingredients of the cream, the skin will be maximally moisturized.

"Aquatherapy" will help to restore the optimal water balance, reduce wrinkles, give you perfect freshness and softness.

"Aquaterapia" face cream-gel contains:

+ PENTAVIN moisturizing complex

+ hydrogel with beataine

+ purslane extract

+ the alpine water of the D'argentiere glacier

The secret of glacial water is its unique values ​​which translate into action in the cosmetic. Water is the base component of a cosmetic and therefore its quality is important. Only glacier water, thanks to its impeccable purity, is considered an active ingredient in care products intended for the care of sensitive skin.

It helps to balance the skin and prevent it from dehydration. Glacial water revitalises, soothes and soothes. It restores softness and elasticity, making it suitable for rough, regenerated and damaged skin.

Cosmetics based on it are delicate, and at the same time perfectly moisturize, elasticize and tighten. As a result, they have a lifting and anti-wrinkle effect.

Glacial water helps replenish the skin's mineral deficiencies.

It is a unique active ingredient in cosmetics.


Pat a small amount of the cream into the previously cleansed skin of the face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes.


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