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TianDe Charm Face Cream "Beauty Concentrate" 50g
  • TianDe Charm Face Cream "Beauty Concentrate" 50g

TianDe Charm Face Cream "Beauty Concentrate" 50g

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What skin problems do women over 45 face? Of course with wrinkles. Mimic wrinkles, which may appear even at the age of 25, for example due to a specific smile, and wrinkles that appear with age, for which you have to "thank" time. As a rule, wrinkles that appear with age, or otherwise - as cosmetologists call them - static wrinkles, appear after the age of 40-45. Unlike mimic wrinkles, they arise independently of the work of facial muscles.

Another problem faced by most women over 45 is that the oval of the face loses its shape and "melts". Muscles lose their tonus. Under the influence of gravity, the facial tissues fall.

Thanks to its innovative composition, the "Beauty Concentrate" cream will help reduce the depth and number of wrinkles, restore the previously clear face oval and skin elasticity.

Regular use of the cosmetic gives excellent results: the problem zones on the forehead and around the mouth change, and the shape of the chin improves. The skin is no longer sagging - its tone increases noticeably. The face looks younger. You experience freshness and beauty!

This cream contains PENTAPEPTIDE, which consists of five peptides, which, unlike proteins, can penetrate into deeper layers due to their micronized structure. Thanks to this, they work in a directional way, stimulating a specific process in the skin.

A properly selected sequence of amino acids in peptides can

exactly mimic the natural mechanisms in the skin. So, scientifically proven oligoparticles are a revolution in cosmetology. They allow to stimulate the disappearing processes in the skin, which results in lowering the biological age of mature skin.

From the point of view of cosmetology, not only the size of the peptide chains is important, but also the sequence (sequence in the chain).

This is what determines the properties of the peptide.

Pentapeptyd / Pentavin - lysin, threosine, threosine, lysin, serotonin is a fragment of the type 1 procollagen. So it is a reflection of the skin.

Additionally, the Beauty Concentrate cream contains:

Betaine - obtained from beetroot juice, is a natural amino acid with strong hygroscopic properties. It has the ability to protect cell membranes, acts against skin aging, soothes irritation and redness.

Purslane - contains a lot of calcium, making it a cosmetic additive with antiallergic and desensitizing or soothing properties. Perfectly tones, accelerates wound healing and soothes irritations. It is a source of many micro and macro elements and vitamins. It is one of the strong antioxidants.

Beta-Glucan - strengthens the skin's resistance by activating the cells of the immune system. Accelerates wound healing, perfectly moisturizes and soothes skin inflammations. It is mainly obtained from algae, yeast and fungi.

Squalane - is necessary for the maintenance of healthy skin. It should be in the skin by 15%, and after the age of 45 it is only about 5%. It should be supplemented in care products to keep our skin healthy. It is an antioxidant, has an anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates wound healing and soothes inflammation.

Vitamin PP - known as nicotinic acid or niacin. A vitamin that shows high stability and the ability to penetrate deep into the skin. It helps fight various skin problems - acne, blemishes, roughness, redness and inflammation.


In circular movements, apply a small amount of the cream on the previously cleansed skin of the face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes.


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