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TianDe Herbatka ziołowa Tybetańskie zioła – suplement diety
  • TianDe Herbatka ziołowa Tybetańskie zioła – suplement diety

TIANDE Herbaets Tibetan herbs - dietary supplement

TIANDE Herbaets Tibetan herbs - dietary supplement

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Teas from the gifts of the septic tanks are a dietary supplement that supports the immune, digestive, urinary and hormonal and sexual systems.


Plants used to create these unique dietary supplements come from endimic regions, the purest place on earth in terms of chemical impurities - this is altai / Siberia.


The valuable properties of Altai herbs are preserved, thanks to the special plant processing technology / reduced pressure and optimal temperature.


The triple packaging protects tea against oxidation of the most valuable components. This tea is an excellent means to increase your own, natural body's immunity.


Tea contains:

- chamomile - anti -inflammatory, antispasmodic, antibacterial, strengthens the immune and digestive system

- wild strawberry leaf - it has a healing effect on the urinary tract, diuretic, supports and relieves the stomach

- St. John's wort - contains serotonin, which has a relaxing and anti -depressant effect, also analgesic, supports digestion

- Kocanka - protects the liver, helps to oxidize the body, because it has diuretic properties, supports digestion

- Birch white - has a diuretic effect and helps to lead toxins out of the body.


Herbs that make up tea maintain the tonus of the body, increase its resistance to the negative effects of external factors, and conducive to mild cleansing of the body.

APPLICATION: 1 Filter-Herbal tea filter pour 1 cup of boiling water, brew for 5-10 minutes.


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