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Tiande Fu Sin Biologically active dietary supplement

Tiande Fu Sin Biologically active dietary supplement

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Fu-Hsing is the name of the god of happiness in Chinese mythology. It gives man energy to life and work. To protect the body against stress and exhaustion, adaptogens are needed, i.e. biostimulators, allowing for quick and effective regeneration.

Adaptogens do not heal, they only stimulate the body to greater performance and to deal with a possible threat of pathogens.

 - ginseng extract,

 - Cordyceps,

- Amber acid,

 - green tea extract,

- vitamin complex,


The TianDe dietary supplement "FU-Hsing" tones and stimulates vitality, increases mental and physical abilities, activates metabolism, improves overall health.

The Fusin complex contains biologically active substances:

- Amber acid / 1 capsule will provide 45 % of the daily demand for amber acid. 1.) This acid improves the functioning of many important organs for life, including: brain, heart, kidneys and liver

2.) quickly and effectively eliminates the hangover,

3.) strengthens the immune system,

4.) helps the body regulate blood sugar levels, thanks to which it is a prevention for diabetes,

5.) minimizes the effects of stress by normalizing the nervous system,

6.) It neutralizes many poisons in the body/ cigarettes, drugs, alcohol,

7.) improves circulation in organs and tissue,

- Katechins/ catechins, antioxidants have antioxidant and anti -inflammatory effects. They remove heavy metals from the body and inhibit aging processes. Their regular consumption significantly reduces the risk of incidence of various types of cardiovascular diseases.


APPLICATION: Adults: use 1 capsule a day by noon during a meal. Time of treatment-3-4 weeks. Before application, consultation with a doctor is recommended. The preparation is not a medicine.

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