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TIANDE Functional complex "Golden Amarantus"
  • TIANDE Functional complex "Golden Amarantus"
  • TIANDE Functional complex "Golden Amarantus"
  • TIANDE Functional complex "Golden Amarantus"

TIANDE Functional complex "Golden Amarantus"

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Unrefined amaranth oil obtained as a result of cold pressing. Amarantus or Jarłat belongs to the oldest crops in the world.


His extraordinary qualities were already appreciated by the Incas and the Mayans.


Today it is called the cereal of the 21st century, because it does not contain gluten



- valuable, easily absorbed protein, rich in exogenous amino acids: lysine and methionine, B vitamins and a significant amount of vitamin. E and A.

- amaranth oil is oil with high cosmetic usability due to the high content of the EFA, and especially linoleic acid (LA) - 48.24%, in a rare combination with a high squalene content - min. 7%

-NNKT extremely increases the division of the epidermis reproductive layer, and therefore take active part in skin regeneration and are necessary for its proper functioning. Used in creams, balms and ointments are characterized by good absorbability and anti -allergic properties.

 - linoleic acid is responsible for proper hydration of the skin, is a component of intercellular cement of the stratum corneum and is responsible for the proper structure of intercellular cement.

- Squalene, in the amount of 10%-15%, is present in sebum - protective secretion of skin glands, and its deficiency is manifested by excessive drying of the skin, roughness and premature aging.


It provides protection for the hairy and inhospital skin, provides its softness, elasticity and adequate hydration and elasticity of hair.

Protects against bacteria, fungi, viruses, UV radiation, chemicals. It is also an antioxidant, regulates water evaporation from the body surface, facilitates the transport of water and the substances dissolved in it.


Accelerates wound healing, moisturizing, oiling, smoothing, toning.

It reduces swelling, soothes inflammation of the joints and skin. Squalene is transformed into cholesterol in the skin, which is an important component of intercellular cement and sebum.


Cholesterol deficiency in the skin leads to its excessive drying, roughness, premature aging.


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