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FREZARKA do paznokci SAESHIN STRONG 210/105L

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Saeshin milling machine:

• provides precise work

• high power,

• Fibrant

• very quiet


The hermetically closed microsiller in the head reduces the noise level by 20% compared to conventional models, which results in comfortable work.


The milling machine is characterized by:

• high durability,

• work reliability,

• It has an ergonomic structure of the base and feathers.

• It has as many as 18 holes for cutters, which makes work much easier.


An additional attribute is a head hanger.


The set includes:

• milling machine - basic device

• head - a new model very light

• foot pedal

• User manual with a warranty card

• head base


Product specification:

• Power: 50 W

• Rotation speed: up to 35,000 revolutions per minute with smooth adjustment • Maximum torque: 3NCM

• Handle: 2.35mm, 3.0mm, 3.175mm

• Weight: 1.2 kg+162g (+/-)

• Input voltage: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

• fuse: 250V AC/5A

• Dimensions of the control unit: length 201mm*sz.205mm*height 80mm

• head dimensions: length 129mm*Ø28mm

• milling machine in accordance with the European Union standards

• White color


The milling machine has a handle with a twist-lock head, blue, thanks to which you can change the cutter with one move. The head has serial numbers and originality certificate.


The improved solid and strong handle will improve the work of every woman.


Advantages of the handle:

• lies perfectly in the hand,

• It also prevents hand tired of your hand while working with a milling machine.


The device is brand new, has a 12 -month warranty.


A knife pedal is attached to the milling machine, thanks to which we can control the milling machine. It is very useful when work requires the use of two hands.

The milling machine has an originality certificate with serial numbers that allow you to check its authenticity from the Saeshin manufacturer himself from Korea


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