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TianDe Hialuronowe serum do twarzy 25ml
  • TianDe Hialuronowe serum do twarzy 25ml

TianDe A care complex for skin with a tendency to pigmentation

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Does your skin tend to pigment and are you trying to avoid the sun's rays? You're doing fine, but it's not enough! Your skin requires special care. Pigmentation is not only the freckles that adorn the faces of some women, they are a big problem for many. Skin prone to pigmentation requires reliable protection.

Comprehensive skin care with a tendency to pigmentation - this is a great duo of two preparations that will help you fight "spots"! Pigmentation - it's not just freckles that adorn some women. For many women, this is a serious problem that can be successfully dealt with by the complex - mask plus cream, based on unique natural ingredients.

1.step / mask soaked in an elixir of licorice and prickly pear-cactus root. Enriched with bioflavonoids, called the keepers of youth and beauty.

Licorice - whitens, regulates the process of melanogenesis, brightens the skin and protects against the formation of new spots.

Prickly pear - often called natural botox has a lifting, moisturizing, regenerating and nourishing effect

Step 2 - the cream preserves the effect of the mask and prolongs its active operation. The fruit acids contained in it delicately exfoliate the skin, additionally reducing discoloration

Apple acid delicately exfoliates and illuminates, castor oil nourishes, regenerates, amino acids soothe, regenerate and nourish.

The cream has a very delicate structure, is easily absorbed and does not cause a feeling of heaviness on the face.

Regular use ensures smooth, moisturized skin, graceful color, smoothing of shallow wrinkles and elasticity!

This kit can be used not only if your skin tends to be pigmented but also to even out your skin tone. Protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation and remember that the sun is active all year round!


Step 1: apply the mask-elixir on clean face skin, leave for 15-20 minutes, then remove the mask and rinse the face with water.

Step 2: immediately or within 10-12 hours after using the mask, apply a beneficial cream to the skin. Can be used as a night cream. Use comprehensive care 1-2 times a week. Use right after opening.


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