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TianDe Hialuronowe serum do twarzy 25ml
  • TianDe Hialuronowe serum do twarzy 25ml

TianDe 2 in 1 anti-wrinkle face care complex

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Did you notice the first wrinkles on your face? Or maybe it's nothing new for you? In any case, you are able to slow down the skin sagging process and significatly improve it's appearance.

Comprehensive anti-wrinkle care - a great duo of two products that will change your face!

1st step / hops and vitamin B3 extract / niacin
- rejuvenates
- strengthens the structure of aging skin
- fights inflammation
- stimulates collagen production
- works anti-wrinkle
- calms sensitive and irritated skin

2nd step / cream rich in natural acids
- nourishes
- protects the skin
- regenerates
- stimulates collagen synthesis
- replaces the night cream

We use 1-2 times a week. We put the mask on for 15-20 minutes.
Apply the cream immediately after removing the cloth mask or up to 10 hours after.


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