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TianDe Hialuronowe serum do twarzy 25ml
  • TianDe Hialuronowe serum do twarzy 25ml

TianDe Long-lasting baked face powder 14g

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Perfect color is the basis of make-up. There are no exceptions to this steadfast principle. What do you like to "wear" on your skin every day? Toning cream, BB, CC, DD cream or powder? Easy to spread and perfect coverage: if you want everything at once - use the resistant baked powder from TianDe!

This modern product combines the advantages of liquid and dry toning products! The baked powder is prepared by the action of high temperatures, resulting in a more intense and durable typical "marble" surface. Resistant baked powder from TianDe:
- gives the skin a perfectly fresh look - the skin will be smooth and soft
- perfectly mattes, prevents greasy shine
- reflects light and masks wrinkles
- provides any degree of coverage - from delicate to full

The advantage of the powder is that it contains natural minerals. It is not only a decorative cosmetic product, but also care! Mica creates a beautiful and even effect, and silicon effectively absorbs excess fat and diffuses light. Another ingredient of the powder, magnesium-aluminum silicate, softens, mattes and protects the skin from the sun, smoothes out minor skin imperfections.


Apply to the skin with a sponge.


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