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TianDe Shampoo with silver for men 250ml

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For self-confident men, real men's cosmetics are necessary. Such as the silver shampoo from TianDe.

This product was designed with the physiological needs of male skin in mind. It works simultaneously on three levels:

- strengthens the hair

- controls the secretion of sebum at their roots

- protects the skin against irritation

Active ingredients:

Natural colloidal silver: - stimulates the natural protective functions of the skin - reduces skin irritation - normalizes the production of sebum - prevents dandruff Vitamin E: - moisturizes, nourishes and softens the scalp - has an anti-inflammatory effect

Panthenol: - restores condition and softens hair - strengthens the roots and soothes the skin

Men's shampoo from TianDe is the perfect solution for athletes and lovers of active rest. The product contains colloidal silver that has antibacterial properties. With increased sweating, it perfectly cleanses and refreshes the scalp and hair.

APPLICATION: Apply to damp hair, massage and then rinse.


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