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TianDe Body cream "Liquid plaster" 125g
  • TianDe Body cream "Liquid plaster" 125g

TianDe Body cream "Liquid plaster" 125g

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Our life is a constant contradiction. Sometimes we play sports intensively, we try our hand at running, we sign up for a gym, and sometimes we sit in front of the computer all day. All of this is reflected in our joints, as it is they that help us make certain movements.

TianDe's "Liquid Patch" cream is suitable for both active sports enthusiasts and those who prefer a couch to the gym (or are forced to lead a less active lifestyle for one reason or another). Thanks to its active ingredients, the cream has a warming effect.

If, on the other hand, you do not have enough time for sports, the "Liquid Patch" cream will help compensate for the lack of exercise. With a sedentary lifestyle, we must first of all "distribute blood" around the body. The warming effect of the cream, which improves blood flow to the joints, will contribute to this.

APPLICATION: Apply to the body with gentle, massaging movements before training or in case of joint discomfort.


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