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TianDe "Zhui Feng Forte" Cosmetic herbal body patch, 4 pcs.
  • TianDe "Zhui Feng Forte" Cosmetic herbal body patch, 4 pcs.

TianDe "Zhui Feng Forte" Cosmetic herbal body patch, 4 pcs.

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"Zhui Feng Forte" cosmetic herbal body patch

The packaging of the Zhui Feng Forte patch shows rice fields. Their long wavy lines extending into the distance resemble the structure of human muscles. This indicates the main action of the herbal patch. The new active formula of the Zhui Feng Forte herbal patch has a stronger effect. Sports training, physical work, injuries, strains - all this can cause unpleasant ailments. The muscles ache, they become "wooden" and it is no pleasure to move in such a state. Natural ingredients contained in the composition of the cosmetic help to eliminate discomfort in the muscles, feel the joy of movement, awaken inner energy and push to action. The patch can be on the skin for up to 12 hours.

The new Zhui Feng Forte phytoplastics contain twice as many active ingredients as their predecessors. Plant extracts and essential oils in the composition contribute to smoothing and firming the skin, help warm the skin, remove discomfort in the muscular area and restore the joy of movement.

Active ingredients:

Chinese angelica root extract - a calming and anesthetic effect, thanks to the coumarin content, it widens blood vessels, thanks to which it improves the blood supply to, for example, muscles

Menthol - gives a feeling of cooling, soothes irritations, tones and refreshes the skin

Ligusticum extract - it removes spasms well and has an analgesic effect

Borneol - has a strong antibacterial effect

Methyl salicylate - when applied locally, it has pain relieving properties, increases blood flow, allows you to extend the duration of exercise and improves endurance during training

Basil oil - helps to relieve stress, has a local analgesic effect

Rosin - has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antiallergic properties, is a preservative, helps to extend the shelf life of cosmetics

Dragon's blood extract - contains a large amount of antioxidants, perfectly strengthens immunity, has the ability to quickly heal wounds

Arizema Amurska - relieves pain, has anti-epileptic properties

Cibotium barometz - normalizes blood flow in the kidneys, is effective in inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract


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