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TianDe Set for men

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Cosmetics For Men by TianDe were developed taking into account the specificity of men's skin. They will be suitable for any representative of the strong sex, because just like a real man - they do not give empty promises, but simply do their job well!

TianDe shower gel for men contains colloidal silver with disinfecting and antibacterial properties. It fights bacteria and inhibits the formation of unpleasant odors. Thus, it provides a strong and long-lasting deodorizing effect. In addition, colloidal silver has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes the healing of wounds and irritations. The lack of parabens and dyes eliminates the risk of allergic skin reactions.

After shave balm soothes the skin after shaving, reducing irritation. Maintains the appropriate level of skin hydration, preventing it from dehydration. It normalizes the pH level, strengthens the skin's immune system.

Shaving cream the consistency of a thick whipped cream creates a hard foam for easy shaving. The cream is very efficient, ensures a smooth glide of the blade and instantly softens the hair.

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