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TianDe Orthophyt body massage gel 125g
  • TianDe Orthophyt body massage gel 125g

TianDe Orthophyt body massage gel 125g

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Massage gel in the areas of the spine joints, knees, shoulders and elbows. It helps to improve blood circulation, acts against inflammation and pain, and rebuilds the joints. It is possible thanks to the comprehensive action of the ingredients contained in the gel.

They include:

1. WHITE FIR RESIN - in natural medicine it is used to prepare ointments for scales and lichen, irritation and eczema. In massage preparations, it is added to improve sore joints and act against rheumatism. In orthophyte, it perfectly improves the condition of sore joints and works against pain.

2.PROPOLIS - is used in the preparation, its synergistic effect of fatty acid flavonoids, coumarin, terpenes fatty alcohols and microelements contained in it. It is made by bees from resinous substances collected from tree buds. It has a therapeutic and pharmacological effect against pain and fungus. It anesthetizes locally and has an anti-septic effect.

3. EUKALIPTUS OIL - suitable for massage. It soothes rheumatic, muscular, joint pain and pain related to tendinitis. It soothes rheumatism, neuralgia and muscle pain. It has bactericidal and antiviral properties. It is used to treat swelling and burns.

4. ROSEMARYN- contains diosmetin, which strengthens capillaries and blood vessels. It improves micro circulation, strengthens the skin and cleans it deeply.

High-quality humectant, which is a lubricating emollient, gives the effect of perfect spreadability, which facilitates professional massage or self-massage.

Body massage gel has a warming effect, improves microcirculation, and in combination with massage it removes fatigue after increased local effort. The special composition of the gel allows for quick absorption of all effective ingredients of the preparation.

APPLICATION: With gentle circular movements, apply the gel to problematic areas, massage until fully absorbed.


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