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TianDe Ancient China Recipe Hair Balm-Conditioner
  • TianDe Ancient China Recipe Hair Balm-Conditioner
  • TianDe Ancient China Recipe Hair Balm-Conditioner
  • TianDe Ancient China Recipe Hair Balm-Conditioner

TianDe Ancient China Recipe Hair Balm-Conditioner

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Tiande balm-conditioner "Recipe of ancient China" Strong, beautiful and silky - Chinese hair has always been considered a model. The snag lies in proper care and natural ingredients that have been used by the eastern beauties for the care of their hair for centuries.


We reveal another way for beautiful hair - cosmetics created on the basis of a unique strengthening complex from the legendary lifts of the Eastern plants!


If you want your hair to comb, shine and to be silky to the touch after washing, then after each use of shampoo, remember about the balm-thoroughfare!


The conditioner "Recipe for ancient China" from Tiande is the basis of the beauty and natural strength of your hair! Thanks to the content of the Fo-Ti root extract, the conditioner will help prevent early hair graying. Long live a natural expressive hair color! By the way, the name of polygonia (Fo-Ti) in translation is "the old man's head in the color of the wound". According to the Chinese legend, the wise old man with this plant regenerated his hair, restoring their deep color.


Extracts from the roots of Chinese plants support circulation in the scalp. Your hair is more nourished, and thus grow faster. The active composition noticeably strengthens the hair roots that are healthy and silky to the touch.


Active ingredients:

+ licorice root extract - fights with dry scalp, eliminates dandruff and itching, by improving circulation eliminates hair loss and strengthens their structure


+ ginger root extract - improves blood circulation, increases nutrition of hair bulbs, accelerates growth and strengthens hair

+ Fo -TI root extract - restores hair to a natural glow, prevents the early hair of gray hair, helps neutralize the aggressive dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone that accumulates in the hair follicles, which is often the cause of color loss and hair loss

+ dimethone - gives hair shine and softness, facilitates combing, improves the shape of curls, promotes hair strengthening, protects them from hot air, reduces the degree of color leaving the color of the color

+ Cetimonium chloride - a substance that creates a protective smoothing layer on the hair surface, facilitates combing and prevents electrifying


Use a balm-thoroughfare in combination with the "recipe of ancient China" shampoo. These cosmetics complement each other perfectly, strengthening the effect of regular use.


APPLICATION: Apply to washed wet hair, massage and rinse thoroughly.

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