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TianDe Silver panty liners for everyday use, ultra-thin

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Every day, In Top panty liners with silver give a feeling of comfort and confidence in every situation, and additionally effectively care for women's health.

Thanks to the silver insert, the feeling of freshness will not leave you!

Silver is one of the strongest natural antibiotics.

How do silver ions work?
- they destroy bacterial cell walls;
- inhibit the growth and development of bacteria;
- eliminate the cause of unpleasant odor, itching and inflammation.

Silver ions have a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes of the sexual organs and provide incredible comfort. The inserts have an antibacterial effect, eliminate the causes of unpleasant odors, itching and inflammation.

Silver used in the production of In Top panty liners is classified as a non-drug antimicrobial agent. Silver destroys bacteria quickly, inhibiting their ability to multiply. Panty liners provide long-lasting antibacterial action and thus inhibit the development of infection.

Advantages of In Top inserts:
- Silver microparticles in a special insert have a beneficial effect on the bacterial flora and inhibit the formation of infections
- The top layer is made of cellulose, a natural non-woven material that allows the skin to breathe without creating a "greenhouse effect". You only feel soft and comfortable all day long
- Panty liners perfectly adapt to the physiognomy of the female body and do not disturb even during increased activity - you can play sports, do what you usually do, meet friends, and the liner will always be in its place
- Compact sizes will fit any woman's underwear
- Active protection and freshness thanks to silver ions
- Natural, soft and "breathable" outer layer
- Perfect for delicate and sensitive skin

Suitable for everyday use.


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