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Apis Algae mask Detox detoxifying with bamboo coal and ionized silver 20g

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If you have :

+ oily/mixed skin

+ extended pores

+ tendency to blackheads and acne lesions + problem with excessive sebum secretion

Indications: for oily/combination skin for skins with extended pores, imperfections

Contraindications: allergy to any of the product ingredients

Active ingredients:

♥ Active bamboo coal - absorbs toxins and excess sebum, narrows the enlarged pores of the skin

♥ Ionized silver - anti -inflammatory and bactericidal properties

♥ Green tea extract- deeply moisturizes and has a cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect

♥ Kiwi extract - has an anti -radical, regenerating and smoothing effect due to the high content of vitamin C

The detoxifying algae mask eliminates imperfections, provides adequate skin hydration. Black bamboo algae mask is a combination of a formula rich in bamboo and ionized silver with anti -inflammatory, antibacterial, effectively absorbing toxins, pollution and excess sebum from leather. It provides a long -lasting effect of clean, matte skin.

How to use it?

Add about 40ml of still mineral water to 20 grams of the algae mask. Mix vigorously for several dozen seconds - the mask cannot be too thick or too liquid. It should have the consistency of "thick cream" apply it with a spatula to cleansed face, neck and cleavage. Wait 15-20 minutes and download it whole. If there are any remains of the mask on the skin, remove them with water or tonic.

apis DETOX

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