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TianDe Men's underwear with tourmaline
  • TianDe Men's underwear with tourmaline

TianDe Men's underwear with tourmaline 50

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The tourmaline gemstone is the only one on earth that has a constant magnetic field.

Human blood contains iron, and thus the entire body is an electromagnetic field. When interacting with tourmaline, microcurrents are formed, and the exchange of substances increases in the cells.

A powerful gemstone black tourmaline:

1 perfectly holds the electric charge

2 gives ground

3 brings good luck, health and positive energy

4 has a warming and analgesic effect on muscles and joints

5 de-stresses and helps treat insomnia

Tourmaline and magnets act on the lower Dan tien, which is responsible for protecting sexual energy, as well as the kidney and bladder meridians. With the interaction of the body with tourmaline and the magnets built into the product, the magnite field is strengthened - as a result, local blood circulation is stimulated, and thus - the effective supply of oxygen to cells and improvement of metabolic processes.

 APPLICATION: It is recommended to put on underwear in the evening. Start with 10-15 minutes a day, gradually increasing the wear time to 8-10 hours (overnight).

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