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TianDe Wydłużający tusz do rzęs Mega Lash-Extension
  • TianDe Wydłużający tusz do rzęs Mega Lash-Extension

TianDe Mega Lash-Extension mascara

Eyelashes "to heaven"



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What would you do to have long lashes? You don't have to sacrifice yourself, try Mega Lash-Extension Mascara by TianDe and be delighted! Apart from the fact that it easily and quickly lengthens even the least effective lashes, it will be gentle with them - the mascara contains a fortifying vitamin complex.

A comfortable silicone brush perfectly separates individual eyelashes and gives them a natural "fan" effect. Thanks to its long-lasting composition, the mascara will last all day, even if you unexpectedly jump into a late party.

It's as simple as that - color your lashes and forget about it! You only need to catch admiring glances.


Apply mascara from the roots to the tips. Apply in two layers for maximum volume and saturated color.


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