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TianDe Kompleksowa fitopasta do zębów
  • TianDe Kompleksowa fitopasta do zębów

TianDe Comprehensive Tooth Phytopaste

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Strong and healthy teeth are a feature of a successful person! If your teeth are far from perfect, it's high time to visit a dentist. In order to prevent problems in the oral cavity, you can use the comprehensive herbal paste Dr. Taiga.

A paste based on natural kaolin and taiga plant extracts will keep your teeth strong and healthy and will help you get rid of gum problems.

- Prevents gum problems and the formation of caries;
- strengthens the enamel, improves the gum tone;
- refreshes the breath.

A new generation toothpaste which uses a new concept of toothpaste based on the amino acid - arginine. This amazing amino acid found in the body neutralizes the action of acidic metabolites !!!!

Arginine paste is a victimless revolution. The phenomenon of arginine in dentistry is beginning to be noticed and emphasized.

Paste based on:
- natural kaolin / gently polishes the enamel;
- Taiga plant extracts will keep your teeth strong and healthy and will help you get rid of gum problems.

- prevents gum problems;
- the formation of caries;
- strengthens the enamel and prevents problems related to the quality of the enamel;
- refreshes the breath;
- prevents gums from bleeding;
- improves the tone of the gums, so that the necks are not exposed;
- evens out the color of the teeth by gentle whitening;
- helps to eliminate hypersensitivity, thanks to the wonderful amino acid / arginine.

- SLS, contains Sodium Lauryl Sarcosinate;

The product contains natural surface active substances that act gently on the enamel. The pleasant natural fragrance comes from natural oils and extracts, and not from artificial fragrances.
This toothpaste is an ingredient of Dr. Taiga. In the taiga, you can find truly unique plants that have enormous healing powers.

- sage;
- juniper;
- chamomile / so-called anti-inflammatory, soothing set, restoring fresh breath and improving gum elasticity;
- the amino acid arginine / creates an excellent protection against caries, ensures the quality of the oral mucosa and increases its resistance to infections. It has the ability to neutralize acid compounds that are a by-product of carbohydrate breakdown;
- calcium salts / strengthen the enamel and prevent the deposition of tartar
- titanium oxide / natural mineral bleach;
- citric acid / helps to maintain the natural pH in the mouth.

Calcium citrate protects against scratching and strengthens the enamel !!!

According to statistics, tooth hypersensitivity affects about 40% of the world's population. One of the newest methods of treating the disease is the use of preparations containing arginine - studies have shown that improvement was noted in 60% of patients after this type of therapy.

Arginine together with calcium carbonate, which is also included in the phytopasty, this substance creates a protective layer that seals the dentinal tubules and is resistant to acids.

As a result, the tubules are no longer exposed to pain-causing stimuli. For this reason, arginine toothpastes can be recommended to patients suffering from hypersensitivity.


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