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TianDe Krem do rąk „Złoty żeń-szeń“ 80g
  • TianDe Krem do rąk „Złoty żeń-szeń“ 80g

TianDe Hand cream "Delicate Edelweiss" 75ml

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Perfect manicure, flawless skin of hands is one of the most necessary attributes of a successful woman - her business card. At every meeting, be it a business meeting with partners, a romantic date, or a meeting with friends, well-groomed hands will testify to the good image of their owner, regardless of her age.

In order to be confident in any situation, make sure that you do not have to be ashamed at the most important moment and, in panic, put on gloves or hide your hands. Hand cream "Delicate Edelweiss" is a discovery for dry skin prone to peeling.

Active ingredients work comprehensively and guarantee amazing results! Every day your hands become softer and more delicate. The cream protects the skin against free radicals, rebuilds damaged cells, stimulates the formation of new ones and retains water in the skin, preventing drying and peeling. Contains edelweiss extract - a luxury ingredient that is used in the production of luxury cosmetics.

Active ingredients:

+ almonds

+ natural moisturizing factor

+ lanolin

+ lactic acid

+ edelweiss extract

APPLICATION: Massage an appropriate amount of the cream into clean, dry hand skin in the morning and evening. It is also recommended to use the cream after each hand wash.


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