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TianDe Charm Anti-wrinkle cream-eyelid serum 30g
  • TianDe Charm Anti-wrinkle cream-eyelid serum 30g

TianDe Charm Anti-wrinkle cream-eyelid serum 30g

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After the age of 45, changes occur not only inside the body, but also in the external appearance of a woman. The skin loses its elasticity, is less nourished, and the exchange of substances in it is lower. Subcutaneous fatty tissue becomes thinner and the skin is less elastic, sagging and sagging. The functions of the sweat and sebaceous glands weaken.

At this age, you should take your skin care routine very seriously! The TianDe Charm Collection premium cosmetics series is specially designed for ladies of elegant age. Carefully selected ingredients will help your skin remember its youth!

The wrinkles around the eyes are the first to reveal the age of a woman. In some women it may appear after the age of 25, in others - after the age of 35 or after 40. In many respects, their appearance depends on mimic activity - during a smile, the "spider web" extends from the corners of the eyes, and with time becomes more and more visible.

The anti-wrinkle cream eyelid serum fights the aging of the skin around the eyes on all fronts! The serum increases the firmness and elasticity of the eyelid skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and provides excellent hydration. You can forget about unpleasant swellings with the serum. Enjoy your fresh and young look!

Anti-wrinkle eye cream-serum contains extracts from:

+ motherwort - has antibacterial properties. It contains phytosterols that protect the skin against water loss and seal the epidermis. Perfectly soothes, tones and calms the skin. It helps to remove the surface tension of the skin, i.e. it has an anti-stress effect.

+ purslane - contains a lot of calcium, making it a cosmetic additive with antiallergic and desensitizing or soothing properties. Perfectly tones, accelerates wound healing and soothes irritations. It is a source of many micro and macro elements and vitamins. It is one of the strong antioxidants.

+ rue - rice extract is the most delicate of the ingredients available on the cosmetic market. It is virtually non-allergenic, gluten-free and generally friendly to sensitive and mature skin. Rice neutralizes heavy metals, protects the skin against water loss.


- plant phytosterols needed by the skin

- vegetable oil rich in EFA

- the wealth of B vitamins

Its addition to the products greatly increases the guarantee of immunity.

+ betaine - obtained from beetroot juice, is a natural amino acid with strong hygroscopic properties. It has the ability to protect cell membranes, acts against skin aging, soothes irritations and redness.

+ beta-glucan - strengthens the skin's resistance by activating the cells of the immune system. Accelerates wound healing, perfectly moisturizes and soothes skin inflammations. It is mainly obtained from algae, yeast and fungi.


Use your fingertips to gently pat the cleansed skin around the eyes in the morning and evening. Do not massage.


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