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TDC on the skin around the eyes and mouth ampoules tense supra 6x2ml
  • TDC on the skin around the eyes and mouth ampoules tense supra 6x2ml
  • TDC on the skin around the eyes and mouth ampoules tense supra 6x2ml

TDC on the skin around the eyes and mouth ampoules tense supra 6x2ml

TDC on the skin around the eyes and mouth ampoules tense supra 6x2ml

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Intensive serum in glass ampoules with tensioning and firming properties around the eyes and mouth.

Serum operation:

• for mimic wrinkles around the eyes,

• smoker wrinkles,

• clearly reduces skin relaxation,

• softens the epidermis,

• shallow wrinkles,

• adds shine,

• extends makeup durability.

Composition of the cosmetic:

• Hydrolyzed sesame proteins - stretching, moisturizing and revitalizing.

• Stem cells (Centella asiatica Meristem Culture) - vegetable stem cells rich in epigenetic, metabololic components, amino acids and mineral salts, which are an innovative source of substances necessary in skin regenerative processes. They contain active substances showing antioxidant, anti -inflammatory and brightening properties of the skin. They also support lymphatic drainage in cellulite problems. Fitosterols, amino acids and polysaccharides contained in the product moisturize, protect, tonize and strengthen the skin. They help in the reconstruction of the amorphous cell matrix, stimulating the synthesis of glycosamic ones that are a water warehouse. The Centella Asiatica stem cell carriers are microscopic Bio-Substances, which guarantee deeper penetration and stability of the ingredient to the skin, thanks to the BPCT Delivery (BIO Penetraction Cage Technology) system.

• Rebreinproof extract (alchemilla vulgaris) - restores skin firmness and elasticity, firms and brightens, improves its blood supply and makes connective tissue more flexible.

• Equisetum Arvense extract - a herb rich in acidic, saponin, flavonoids and potassium with remineralizing and elastic skin.

• Seed alfalfa extract (medicago sativa) - contains vitamins A, C, K, E, proteins, starch, as well as alkaloids and saponins. It has vitaminizing, strengthening, bactericidal and anti -inflammatory.

• Soybean seed extract - inhibits the process of sagging skin, rich in glycoproteins and polysaccharides, whose effect on collagen fibers causes an increase in their level of removal and reorganization. All principles in soy prevent degradation of elastin and cause local, strong skin tension.

• Milk thistle fruit extract (Marianum Silybum) - fights free radicals. It causes effective reconstruction of the skin lipid coat, protecting it against dryness and irritation. The chemical compounds of silymarin contained in the extract stimulate the proliferation of keranocytes, production of type I and elastin collagen. It works strongly anti -aging. Flavonolignans used in creams and serum have a potential whitening effect, which results in a brightened complexion (especially dark borders around the eyes), which is characterized by better regenerative abilities.

How to use:

Before use, the product should be shaken, the open ampoule can be stored for 7 days, preferably in the fridge. Apply on cleansed skin in the morning and/or evening and leave to absorb for a while. The product gradually tightens the epidermis. Due to the large amount of natural active substances, the ampoules may differ in color, and the ingredients may stick slightly. Product purpose: for professional and home use


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