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Nanosilver Technology cleaners should be used only with clean water and without contact with chemical cleaning agents. The temperature of the water has no effect on their effectiveness.

Before the first use, the cleaners should be washed at least 3 times in an automatic washing machine on a short program up to 60 ° C (pink cleaners should be put in only for the third wash). In this way, the fiber clippings will be washed out of them, the fibers will open in the water bath and are ready for use. Do not allow dirty cleaners to dry, the fiber may be damaged. They should be soaked in clean water and then washed. Hand wash using NanoSiler antibacterial soap or in an automatic washing machine at a temperature of up to 60 ° C using any washing powder without adding any rinse aid. Avoid drying in automatic dryers or over heaters, which will damage the fiber.

Clean water and NanoSiler antibacterial soap should be used to remove stubborn dirt, for example stains on fabrics, markers or feather marks, tar, glue etc. stains. To remove water scale from sanitary ware, cladding and water taps, use lemon juice, which must be left for a while on the cleaned surface. With its help, you can also clean jewelry, brass and rust stains.

A full set of articles enabling comprehensive cleaning of all dirty surfaces (all types of floors, tiles, walls, wallpapers, glass, mirrors, etc.), kitchen and bathroom equipment (sink, washbasin, bathtub, fittings, household appliances), electronics and computer devices, various home and office equipment. Unlike traditional methods that use chemicals, Raypath's NanoSiler cleaning technique uses cleaners only with water. Faster, more efficient and cost effective cleaning are not the only benefits of using this cleaner package; it is extremely important not to use chemical preparations. It is not only a weapon in the fight against various allergies, but also a concrete action to protect the ecosystem.


101 Mini white cleaner*2
141 White glove*2
142 The care glove*1
143 Pink glove*1
151 White floor cushion*1
152 Nursing floor cushion*1
153 Pink floor cushion*1
154 White-new floor cushion*1
201 Window care machine*1
310 Telescopic handle*1
312 Zip fastener*1
313 Articulated joint for coffee machine*1
401 Sunbeam cleaner for glasses*1
403 Sunbeam Duo cleaner*1
408 Sunbeam XXL cleaner*1

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