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TDC slimming body ampoules 6x2ml
  • TDC slimming body ampoules 6x2ml
  • TDC slimming body ampoules 6x2ml
  • TDC slimming body ampoules 6x2ml

TDC slimming body ampoules 6x2ml

TDC slimming body ampoules 6x2ml

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Body ampoules with properties that burn fat cells.


Concentrated sterile preparation for use in mesotherapy / electroporation and for treatments with the use of derma rollers for the body with the properties of burning fat cells. Preparation with positive polarization.


Action of the serum:

• Accelerates the removal of fat and toxins contained in cells,

• Has a positive effect on metabolism,

• Works against swelling,

• Seals blood vessels,

• Causes drainage of tissues and accelerates lymph flow,

• Fights excessive amount of fat cells,


• Aesculus hippocastanum - improves lymphatic and venous circulation, as well as strengthens capillary walls, is used in phlebitis, edema, heals venous stasis and external capillary inflammation. Contains flavonoids (rutin, astragaline, quercitin, isoquercitin), coumarin, phenolic acids, tannins, coumarin compounds, triterpentine saponins, phenolic acids and escin,

• Hedera helix - common ivy extract, which contains flavonoids, hederins, polyphenolic acids, alkaloids, phytosterols and sesquiterpenes that stimulate skin microcirculation and prevent the formation of swelling in tissues. Noteworthy is the flavonoid - hedragenin, which causes the hyperactivity of cells, and thus increases the demand for energy, which in turn causes "burning" of fat. The saponins contained in ivy accelerate the removal of fat and toxins contained in the tissues. It has a remarkable ability to penetrate, which drains the tissues and activates the lymph flow,

• Equisetum arvense L. - horsetail extract, containing natural silica, saponins, flavonoids, phenyl acids and vitamin C. When used internally, it increases the amount of water excreted without disturbing the electrolyte balance, has a positive effect on metabolism, has anti-swelling properties and seals blood vessels. It maintains the flexibility of the vessels and prevents the accumulation of fatty compounds in them. It also accelerates the regeneration of the body after injuries,

• Ortosiphon stamineus - an extract from a plant unknown in Poland, which is the basic ingredient of the so-called Java teas with healing effects in the Far East. The extract has a diuretic effect, eliminating toxins from the body - detoxifying, reducing swelling and slimming. The plant is also used in kidney diseases, e.g. kidney stones and arterial hypertension.

Indications for the treatment with the use of the preparation:

• The problem of obesity arises when there is too much multiplication of fat cells,

• improper water management of the body,

• hormonal conditions,

• The preparation is designed to fight the excessive amount of fat cells in the body.


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