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TianDe A set of cosmetics with a placenta.

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Cosmetics with placenta extract help the skin cells "remember" youth and gain the nourishment necessary for the active division and growth of skin cells. This unique ingredient stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, filling the skin with the energy of youth! The remaining active ingredients, in combination with the placenta extract, provide the skin with good-quality deep hydration, nourishment and protection.

The set consists of:
+ face tonic - does not contain alcohol and parabens, saturates the skin with life-giving water, maintains a healthy pH balance, accelerates the process of cell renewal, strengthens and prolongs the effect of cosmetics in the further stages of care.
+ anti-wrinkle cream - perfect for night care, it increases the regeneration of the skin cell by cell, rebuilding its energy and strength.
+ BB-type toning cream - a moisturizing cream with the addition of a toning cream, combines the properties of correcting and nourishing cream: it evens out the color, masks imperfections, providing the skin with a fresh look. Perfectly moisturizes, protects the skin against the negative environmental factor. It gives the face velvety and a delicate shade.

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