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  • Hand -for -hand set Perfection and glass TianDe polish

Hand -for -hand set Perfection and glass TianDe polish

Hand -for -hand set Perfection and glass TianDe polish

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The "Silk Perfection" set consists of three preparations:

+ 150G gel peeling,

+ delicate salt scrub 150G,

+ hand cream 80G.

Within a few minutes, it restores the necessary level of moisture, softness and silkiness to hands. Regular use increases flexibility, rebuilds the structure, prevents hand skin aging, reduces discoloration and eliminates roughness. The kit cosmetics should be used in the following order:

Hand care kit Step 1 - apply a gel peeling. Its active components are: silk proteins, olive extract, collagen, essential amino acids. In addition, it contains a set of bioenzymes that exfoliate dead skin cells / salicylates, tartaric acid and lactic acid. Active substances thoroughly cleanse the skin, exfoliating calloused cells and tightening pores. The upper layers of the epidermis are smoothed out and renewed, the skin's elasticity and elasticity are increased. The use of peeling prepares the skin for the next treatments.

Step 2 - we apply salt scrub. Its active ingredients are: fatty acids, glycerin, betaine, coconut oil and guar derived from resin. Salt saturates the skin with the necessary vitamins, minerals and microelements, making the skin smooth and silky, improving blood circulation.

Step 3 - regenerating hand cream. Its active components are: allantoin, glycerin, goat's milk or rather extract from this milk fat - caprae butyrum, silk proteins and hydrolyzed milk protein, allantoin, moisturizing fatty alcohols. These substances restore the necessary level of moisture to the skin of the hands, rebuild its structure, increase elasticity and delicacy, and prevent the formation of cracks. Recommended regardless of age.

How to use: Apply a small amount of gel peeling and massage it into your hands. Wash thoroughly with water. Apply salt peeling and massage it into your hands. In order to enhance the effect, we can put on plastic gloves for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Apply the cream on dry hands, gently massaging them. In order to enhance the effect, put on plastic gloves for 2-3 minutes. After removing the excess cream with a tissue, you can enjoy the softness and delicacy of your hands.

High efficiency - 45-50 treatments - 1 set.

As a gift, you will receive a glass file for polishing nails effective, compact, stylish made of good quality glass, making it delicate for natural nails and skin., providing the skin with a fresh look. Perfectly moisturizes, protects the skin against a negative environmental factor. Gives the face velvety and a delicate shade


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