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EpilFree Facial Care 5ml Serum



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EpilFree is an effective cosmetic that removes unwanted hair. The EpilFree system is based on safe, natural and synthetic ingredients that effectively thin and slow hair growth in EpilFree treated body parts.

EpilFree reduces hair growth by 80% and inhibits the hair growth cycle after a series of treatments.

Epilfree is a revolutionary and professional hair reduction method that is used in conjunction with traditional waxing.
It combines the simplicity of performing the procedure with spectacular results that are comparable to treatment with the use of a laser, but without incurring large investment costs in equipment.

This method is 100% safe and natural. Epilfree fourth generation products have been completely modified and improved.
Many ingredients have been replaced by their natural counterparts, making the current activator 100% natural and toner 98%.
In addition, the balance between the activator and toner has been improved, so that the activator now has hair retarding properties.

Epilfree is:

+ Suitable for all skin types
+ Suitable for all types of hair
+ Suitable for people of all ages
+ Suitable for all body parts
+ Painless application
+ Safe for tattoo owners
+ No side effects

Products intended for intimate places, such as: groin, armpits, abdomen, around the nipples.

The system is dedicated to the professional market and requires demonstration and training.

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