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Collagen+ NSP (30 sachets)

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Peeling is one of the most important cosmetics for deep skin cleansing. Exfoliating peels gained great popularity in the TianDe corporation assortment. They work very gently, do not cause skin irritation, and at the same time very effectively deal with the task - they cleanse the skin of dead cells that do not let it breathe, which means that the skin becomes gray and its elasticity decreases. In addition, without deep cleansing, cosmetics cannot fully work, because active ingredients cannot break through the "armor" of dead cells.


Active ingredients:

Cetimonium chloride - effectively binds dead skin cells without affecting healthy skin, has an antiseptic effect.

Maczużnik extract - a source of strong antioxidants, protecting cells against degradation and preventing premature aging.


Intensive cleansing with rejuvenating effect

- stimulates the processes of intensive regeneration and skin renewal;

- improves cellular metabolism;

- rebuilds the structure and restores the natural color of the skin;

- increases the level of hydration;

- prevents wrinkles.


Peeling format: very gentle cleansing without skin irritation.

Formula without acids: is an ideal base for further stages of anti-age care.


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