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TianDe Balsam „Talizman“
  • TianDe Balsam „Talizman“

TianDe Massage oil for blocked nose 10ml

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However metaphorical and poetic it sounds, traditional Chinese medicine says that Qi energy is the breath of life. Qi energy is no less real than material things. You cannot touch it, but you can feel it and learn to direct it. The correct flow of Qi energy in the human body is the basis of its health and longevity.

One of the primary ways that Qi energy enters our body is to breathe freely through our nose. If our nose is blocked, the free flow of Qi energy is disturbed. The wise men of the East claimed that if the body's energy flow is disturbed, a person becomes ill.

Massage Oil "The Secret of Qi Energy" will help you enjoy every breath! The mixture of essential oils contained in the composition of the product will allow you to clear your nose and restore free breathing.

Active ingredients:

Geranium / Geranium essential oil from this plant perfectly tones, tones and nourishes the skin

Lavender / Lavender oil has a calming and calming fragrance. Perfect for aromatherapy.

Peppermint / accelerates blood microcirculation and disinfects and improves metabolism in cells.

Grape / oil softens, tones and refreshes, seals the stratum corneum and prevents discoloration

Eucalyptus ball / this oil is responsible for quick regeneration and prevention of inflammation and fighting infection. Lemon eucalyptus / has anti-fungal, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It helps fight inflammation and helps with recovery.

Tea tree / accelerates wound healing and microran, soothes and regenerates irritated skin.


APPLICATION: Massage the mixture of essential oils 2-3 times a day into the wings and tip of the nose. Avoid contact of the oil with the sensitive skin around the nose.

Aromatherapy treatments can be performed in various ways: by using scented lamps, candles or by rubbing the oil directly into problem areas. If you feel that your nose is blocked, breathing is difficult and swelling appears, then the active ingredients of Massage Oil for stuffy nose will come to your aid!

How does it work?

+ Thanks to the precious oils contained in the product's composition, breathing becomes easy and each inhalation brings relief;

+ The oils contained in the composition help to increase the immune forces of the body and activate its resistance to viruses;

+ Aromatherapy is the oldest remedy used to fight apathy!

The refreshing scent of massage oil will give you strength and internal energy that will allow you to continue working!


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