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Regenerating and protective face cream Tiande Vita Derm 50ml
  • Regenerating and protective face cream Tiande Vita Derm 50ml

Regenerating and protective face cream Tiande Vita Derm 50ml

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The Vita Derm series serves as a true phyto-shield for skin that is naturally sensitive or has become oversensitive in today's urban conditions.

Soothing skin protection cream effectively cares for the skin and protects it from the negative effects of the surrounding environment. Cream:
- restores the natural protective function of the skin;
- strengthens the lipid barrier and intensively moisturizes;
- smoothes mimic wrinkles;
- restores skin elasticity and elasticity.

The preparation contains effective regenerating and soothing complexes + beta glucan, panthenol and sodium hyaluronate. It does not contain parabens or dyes!

Active ingredients:

SymCalmin (simkalmin) - obtained from oat extract. Oats are known for their ability to soften and soothe irritation.

Beta-glucan - antioxidant and natural sunscreen, prevents skin aging.

Panthenol - accelerates the skin renewal process, smoothes fine wrinkles, improves skin softness and elasticity and gives it a healthy color.

Sodium hyaluronate - intensively moisturizes the skin, increases turgor, smoothes the skin. It smoothes fine lines, improves skin softness and elasticity.

Defensil-Defensywa complex, that is, protecting the skin against free radicals. It is a complex of natural ingredients that normalize sensitive skin, soothe irritations, inflammations and redness. They perfectly seal the stratum corneum, which strengthens the skin and protects it from drying out. A complex that calms the skin prone to irritation and allergic changes.

The Defensil complex consists of:

- tropical liana / cardiosperm extract,

-natural oil with echium / common echium and

-sunflower oil


With gentle circular movements, apply a small amount of the preparation on previously cleansed skin of the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Use in the morning and evening for better results.


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