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Glass file for pedicure tiande
  • Glass file for pedicure tiande

Glass file for pedicure tiande

Tiande's washing and face massage sponge

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What is behind a well -groomed feet of a woman or a man?


High -quality and, above all, regular care.


The TianDe-Poler file will help you effectively make pedicure both dry and wet. The file is made of high quality glass, does not damage the skin, and thanks to a special abrasive surface created with the help of laser technology, it works maximally effectively.


Pedicure-Poler file:

- gently and effectively removes callous epidermis, dry calluses and blisters

- cleanses the skin and thus "opens the way" for subsequent care products

- restores smoothness and neatness

- provides a light massage effect

- allows for significant savings in the salon treatments


Take care of your feet.


APPLICATION: Use on thickened skin. End cream care.


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