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TDC Protective skin-colored cream with SPF50 GOLD SKIN SPF50 50ml filter

BB effect with SPF 50

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Protective cream with SPF50 filter that provides complete protection against solar radiation, providing a natural and uniform skin color with the possibility of using as a foundation. Very useful in summer for people who cannot enjoy a natural tan. It is an indispensable cosmetic for use in laser treatments and deep exfoliation when the skin is deprived of proper protection against UV radiation. The cream has a fairly light texture and the color of a universal foundation that can replace powder. It adapts to the skin depending on the number of layers applied.

The composition of the cosmetic:

Shea butter - a natural filter that protects against the harmful effects of sunlight, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and a cell regenerator to smooth wrinkles. Ingredient used especially for sensitive skins.
Soy lecithin - obtained from soybeans, rich in fatty acids and phospholipids, especially phosphatidylcholine - the main component of the cell membrane, providing flexibility and protection against free radicals.
HSP biofactor - acting like a molecular screen. They are yeast proteins that respond to ultraviolet radiation by the synthesis of HSP and HSF - anti-stress proteins that repair damage after radiation, as demonstrated in some scientific studies.
Grape seed oil - rich in linoleic acid for smoothness and rich in vitamin E (antioxidant).
A complex based on wheat proteins that nourishes and moisturizes.
Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant.
Vitamin F - rich in fatty acids, stimulating cellular activity.
Sodium lactate - highly moisturizing.
Hydroxytyrysol - considered one of the strongest polyphenols against free radicals. Polyphenols act as phytoestrogens (plant estrogens), support the re-thickening of skin cells, their rapid growth and stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis. They reduce the appearance of wrinkles and inhibit metalloproteinases - enzymes that destroy collagen.
Coenzyme Q10 - a powerful antioxidant that provides energy to cells.
Musk rose - a product with a unique composition. An excellent humidifier, useful in the treatment of skin after burns, scars, dehydration, eczema and psoriasis. Shows strong regenerating properties of skin cells.

WARNING! The cream is not self-tanning, it has a delicate foundation color and adapts to the skin.


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