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Złota maska do twarzy
  • Złota maska do twarzy

TianDe Aloe exfoliating face mask 80g

80ml mask

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The exfoliating mask combines the advantages of surface peeling and the care properties of classic masks - it provides hydration, nourishment and regeneration.

Deeply cleanses the skin, removes dead epidermis cells, reduces greasy shine, helps to get rid of black dots. It normalizes the skin's moisture balance, increases skin elasticity, and leaves it smooth and dry.


Apply a thick layer of the mask to a clean and dry face, avoid the lips, eyebrows and the eye area. Leave for 20-30 minutes. Pull the mask from the bottom up, carefully separating the edge of the mask from the skin. If there are any remnants of the mask on your face, wipe your face with a damp cotton swab.


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