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TianDe Toothpaste for children Pineapple with plant enzymes

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Now instilling good habits in your baby will be even easier and happier. The famous hero "Immuvenok" will help you. He will become your children's friend and your reliable helper.


You choose the quality, your children choose a pleasant taste and fun to brush their teeth.


Pineapple toothpaste for children is a formula without fluorides, parabens, dyes and SLS, it is comprehensive care and effectiveness. It contains active ingredients in a dose appropriate for children, taking into account the characteristics of the child's oral cavity.


Thanks to enzymes (fruit enzymes) from pineapple and papaya, toothpaste breaks down and gently removes plaque instead of just cleaning it.


Teeth cleaning with Pineapple toothpaste for children ensures thorough oral hygiene, protects teeth and effectively prevents tooth decay.


APPLICATION: Brush your teeth twice a day. Do not swallow.

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