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TianDe A heat protective spray with keratin for colored hair
  • TianDe A heat protective spray with keratin for colored hair
  • TianDe A heat protective spray with keratin for colored hair
  • TianDe A heat protective spray with keratin for colored hair

TianDe A heat protective spray with keratin for colored hair

TianDe A heat protective spray with keratin for colored hair

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Our hair is daily exposed to various external factors such as: frost, wind, sun. Not only that, for sure you occasionally use a dryer, straightener or curler. Giving up these quick and convenient hair styling is not easy, but it is not necessary. The key is to minimize the harmful effects of these hair styling devices! A heat protection spray with keratin for dyed hair from TianDe will help you with this. The spray will protect the hair from the negative effects of using a straightener and hot air from the dryer, and your hairstyle will be as before - perfect! In addition, the spray will take care of the expressive color of your hair - thanks to the special formula, it prevents color leaching from dyed hair.

A heat protective spray with keratin for colored hair is something for you if:

- you often use a hair dryer, curler or hair straightener;

- Your hair is dry and lifeless;

- you are struggling with the "dandelion effect" - your hair is sticking out and not prone to styling;

- you dye your hair regularly and want to keep the color clear as long as possible.

Why does hair need heat protection and how does it work? The main task of thermo-protective cosmetics is primarily to prevent the water from evaporating from the hair shaft under the influence of high temperature. This helps to maintain healthy hair even with regular use of the hair dryer or curler. So, if modern hair styling accessories are your constant helpers, then you need heat protection like air. Otherwise, one morning you will wake up with "straw" on your head instead of hair and it will be very difficult for you to regenerate it.

Targeted action

- high level of thermal protection
- reducing the harmful effects of electric hair styling tools
- volume and easy stacking "band by band"
- protection of expressive color of dyed hair
- antistatic effect

A heat protective spray with keratin for colored hair ensures a high level of heat protection and minimizes the harmful effects of electric hair styling tools. Thanks to the rich composition, the spray deeply moisturizes the hair, making it smooth and silky. Now you can be sure that your hairstyle will be perfect and not threatened by the "dandelion effect"! The spray neutralizes static hair and lets you tame it! Active ingredients care for the hair and prevent color leaching. Now your hair will always be expressive and shiny!

The composition of the thermal protection spray includes:

keratin - regeneration of the hair structure by filling damaged hair fragments, effective protection
vitamins А, Е, D-panetnol - "golden trio" for hair! Strengthening the bulbs, smooth hair from roots to end
almond proteins - hair protection against high temperature
silk amino acids - shine and smoothness
nettle extract - activation of hair growth and prevention of hair loss
Rosemary extract - strengthening of weakened hair
Passion fruit extract - moisturizing dry and brittle hair
No parabens

A heat protective spray with keratin for colored hair will make your hair look perfect! Thanks to its active composition, the spray effectively protects the hair against high temperatures and prevents color washout.

Keratin (Keratin) is a natural protein that our hair consists of in 80-90%. This protein contains quite a lot of the amino acid cysteine. This amino acid provides a very durable and mobile connection of the structure of protein molecules along the entire length of the hair, which can be destroyed only under very aggressive effects (e.g. bleaching of hair or regular exposure to high temperature). This causes irreversible damage to the hair. To avoid this, keratin is added to hair protection cosmetics.

Keratin particles work great from the outside - they settle on the surface of the hair, creating a protective film and filling damaged areas. As a result, we can dry our hair with a dryer and style it with the help of styling tools, without destroying them. In addition, keratin has another important property - it effectively retains water. Chemical structure similar to the structure of hair and skin makes keratin the most effective protein that improves hair structure.

After applying cosmetics with keratin, the hair gains softness, is easy to comb and has a larger volume.

Vitamins А, Е, D-panetnol - the "golden trio" for hair! They work comprehensively and restore your hair's beauty and health.

We supply vitamin A with food, however, its quantity may be insufficient, which immediately affects our appearance - the hair is lifeless and may begin to fall out. To avoid this, use cosmetics containing this vitamin in your hair care. As a result you will gain:

- stimulation of hair growth;

- shiny, firm and lush hair;

- UV protection.

Vitamin Е has a rejuvenating effect


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