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Ampoule that reduces scars and stretch marks.
  • Ampoule that reduces scars and stretch marks.

TDC for scars/stretch marks for 4x2ml mesotherapy

TDC for scars/stretch marks for 4x2ml mesotherapy

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Ampoule that reduces scars and stretch marks.


Ampoule with regenerating properties and conducive to the reconstruction of damaged skin.


This is a concentrated sterile cocktail for use on the face and body skin in:

 + mesotherapy/electroporation

+For treatments using Derma Rollers.


Positive polarization preparation.


The ampoules are intended for people:

• with flabby skin,

• having scars,

• stretch marks,

• keloids,

• cellulite,


Serum operation:

• skin firming,

• stimulation of fibroblasts,

• increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin,

• changing the structure of the scar,

• smoothing the scar,

• brightening stretch marks,

• Improving flexibility,

• improvement of skin elasticity,



Fibronectin - glycoprotein affecting the consistency of skin tissue joints,


Centella Asiatica - used to fake facial and body skin. It shows a very high concentration of ingredients that stimulate fibroblasts (connective tissue cells that produce tissue -building fiber, e.g. in the skin) to the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Enhances the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Plant extract has the ability to modify the skin structure and subcutaneous layer. Centella accelerates wound healing, changes the structure of scars, thanks to which they can be smoothed and reduced their discoloration. It inhibits wrinkles, smoothes the skin and improves its hydration. Centella is used to treat pimples, keloids, scars, acne, cellulite, wounds, pressure sores and burns,


Hydrolyzed plant proteins - a plant complex, rich in amino acids with highly fading properties, Collagen amino acids - they maintain skin tissue structures,


Elastin - improves skin elasticity and elasticity.


Indications for surgery using the preparation:

• all kinds of scars,

• stretch marks,

• skin damage,

• to improve the aesthetic appearance,

• firming,

• improvement of flexibility and elasticity,

• smoothing the skin,

• skin hydration,


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