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Papaya Mint Natures Sunshine (70 kaps.)
  • Papaya Mint Natures Sunshine (70 kaps.)

Papaya Mint Natures Sunshine (70 kaps.)

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Papaya Mint is a product created for effective digestion. In a daily portion it contains 1920 mg of papaya fruit, which is the only known source of papain. Papaya is the popular name of the melonist (Carica Papaya).

The composition of each tablet is complemented by mint in two forms: powdered leaf and oil. Peppermint (Mentha X Piperita) has a special impact on the digestive system, but not only:

• supports digestion and has a positive effect on intestinal health,

• supports the immune system,

• helps with flatulence and abdominal cramps

• helps with indigestion

• helps in relaxing and supports the maintenance of a healthy sleep

• It soothes the mouth and throat - brings relief in the event of a tickling feeling in the throat and larynx


INGREDIENTS Sweetener (sorbitle), papaya fruit concentrate - a melon -appropriate powder (Carica Papaya), fructose, anti -caking substance (fatty acids), peppermint leaf in powder (mentha x piperita), anti -circuitous substance (silicon dio above -ground peppermint (Mentha x Piperita).

Recommended use Bite 2 tablets three times a day.

Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day!


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